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Kelly Cunningham, MD Texas Top Doctor

For the third year in a row, Dr, Kelly Cunningham has been named a Texas Top Doctor for 2024. Combining traditional shoulder & knee orthopedic surgery/sports medicine with cutting-edge biologics/regenerative medicine.
May 6th, 2024

PRO ("Patient Report Outcomes") In OrthoBiologics

125 patients with office-based PRP &/or BMC (formerly "stem cell") joint injections followed for pain and functional activity scores, for up to one year. Here is a "teaser" -- more to come --
Jan 30th, 2024

BEAR Implant ACL Repair

BEAR (Bridge-Enhanced) ACL Repair is another tool (in addition to BMC "stem cell" repair) to address acute tears of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee.
Nov 21st, 2023

Hitting the Slopes This Season?

Dr. Kelly Cunningham, a former US Ski team physician for the men's downhill athletes, weighs in on prevention & care of snow ski injuries.
Mar 14th, 2023

Thoughts on the BEAR Knee ACL Implant

This novel procedure, still in the early stages of use and follow-up studies, holds great promise for younger, athletic patients. Several questions need to be answered before mainstream use, compared to the "gold standard" of ACL reconstruction.
Oct 12th, 2022

Patella Cartilage Graft in a Young Athlete

Still symptomatic months after patellofemoral subluxation and arthroscopic debridement/Carticel autograft harvesting - Definitive re-surfacing and re-alignment in a young athlete: Matrix Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (MACI) surgical technique
Aug 30th, 2022

Ortho+Biologics Is...

Facts and myths of regenerative medicine treatment PRP & Cell-Based (formerly "Stem Cell") therapy defined...
May 24th, 2022

An Update on Cellular Therapy

While effectiveness continues to be excellent, the evolution of the science & technique warrants a new definition of terms...
Jun 9th, 2021

Knee Cartilage Restoration

A grateful patient, after learning the complexities of knee and stem cell grafting. Kelly Cunningham MD Austin OrthoBiologics Board Certified Orthopedic Surgery Austin, Texas
Jun 8th, 2020

Biologics Alliance Summit & Think Tank

Dr. Kelly Cunningham attended the 1st Biologics Alliance Summit in Carlsbad, California this past February. The agenda was educational, innovative and developmental of new approaches and collaborations.
Mar 17th, 2020

Ski Season right around the corner!

Dr. Kelly Cunningham of Austin Ortho Biologics located in Austin, Texas discusses injuries that come with ski season. Call 512-410-0767 today to make an appointment if you come back with any ski injuries this season!
Nov 1st, 2019

Extremity Pain and What it Means

Dr. Kelly Cunningham, a regenerative sports medicine orthopedic specialists at Austin Ortho and Biologics located in Austin, Texas discusses Knee injuries and how knee pain is among the most common orthopedic problems that we evaluate.
Jul 22nd, 2019

Dr. Kelly Cunningham awarded Austin Monthly Top Doctors 2019!

Dr. Kelly Cunningham of Austin Ortho Biologics located in Austin, Texas is proud and humbled to be in Austin Monthly Top Doctor 2019! Our orthopedic surgery along with sports medicine, physical therapy, PRP and stem cell therapy is known nationally!
Jun 4th, 2019

“How can I get in Ski-Shape?”

Dr. Kelly Cunningham of Austin Ortho and Biologics located in Austin, Texas, discusses how to get in ski shape since so many families head out to ski trips during spring break!
Mar 19th, 2019
Austin Ortho and Biologics with Kelly Cunningham

Always stay active even when you have arthritus!

Dr. Kelly Cunningham of Austin Ortho and Biologics located at Westlake, Austin, Texas. He discusses how it's still important that even though you might have arthritis, you still need to stay active.
Feb 16th, 2019

Stem Cell Therapy and National Trivia Day!

In honor of today being National Trivia day, we thought that we would provide a few facts on stem cell therapy and their history! Dr. Kelly Cunningham of Austin Ortho + Bio in Austin, Texas has been the leader in regenerative sports medicine and orthopedic
Jan 6th, 2019

2018 Jingle Bell Run - Austin

Dr. Kelly Cunningham of Austin Ortho+Biologics located in Austin, Texas was honored to be the Medical Honoree of The Arthritis Foundation. The 2018 Jingle Bell Run helped raised over $50,000 to funds and awareness of arthritis.
Dec 21st, 2018

Managing Holiday Stress with Arthritis

Dr. Kelly Cunningham of Austin Ortho + Biologics located in Austin, Texas discusses Holiday stressors can influence people with arthritis in other ways.
Dec 14th, 2018

Orthopedic Injuries and their meanings

Dr. Kelly Cunningham of Austin OrthoBiologics located in Austin, Texas, USA describes some of the most common orthopedic injuries and how they can be related to your sports activities.
Nov 26th, 2018

What is Ortho Biologics?

Dr. Kelly Cunningham of Austin Ortho and Biologics located in Austin, Texas, USA discusses what Ortho Biologics is.
Nov 5th, 2018

Meet Dr. Kelly Cunningham

Learn a little bit more about the person behind the white coat. Located in Austin, Texas, Dr. Cunningham is a regenerative sports medicine orthopedic specialist at Austin Ortho Biologics.
Oct 18th, 2018

PRP/Stem Cell Therapy Events!

Innovations in Sports Medicine & Joint Care Learn how PRP and Stem Cell Therapy helps joint pain at our Event on October 10th & 17th!! We are excited to announce that we will be hosting two evenings to discuss PRP and Stem Cell Therapy. You will lea
Sep 21st, 2018

TX Top Docs

TX Top Docs, A Division of USA Top Docs featuring Dr. Kelly Cunningham.
Mar 1st, 2018