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PRP Therapy

OrthoBiologics is the emerging science of applying the Biology of enhanced native healing of joint cartilage & tissue to the field of Orthopedic Sports Medicine.

PRP /Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy…

…is the use of natural substances from a patient’s own plasma (centrifuged blood) and then re-introduced to injured areas to promote healing in ways never before possible.

How does it work?

PRP supplies the patient’s own growth factors into the injured joint, muscle or tendon. Powerful anti-inflammation and pro-healing results. This can be performed in an office setting with minimal discomfort.

What will PRP Injection treat?

As a type of Regenerative and Restorative Medicine, it will improve

Joint arthritis symptoms of the knee, hip, shoulder, to delay or avoid joint replacement surgery
Acute and chronic injuries of cartilage, allowing joint repair and joint healing, in both non-surgical/non-invasive and surgical settings.

When will I see results?

One or several treatments allows return to activities such a golf, tennis, snow- and water-skiing, swimming, running and even walking more comfortably in a matter of days to weeks.

Instructions before your PRP procedure

If you are planning a PRP procedure – no anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs-Motrin, Advil, Aleve, other than low-dose aspirin) for two days before the procedure. Hydrate well with water the day of the procedure.


Available now! Low interest financing available for PRP/Cell-Based (formerly "Stem Cell") therapy

PRP Treatment will help you get back to the activities you love!


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