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  • Papers of interest in the use of platelet-rich plasma/ACP for treatment of joint conditions
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Muscle & Tendon Injury

  • Support for injectable biologics use in sprains, strains, tendonitis
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Cartilage Surgery

  • New trends in cartilage surgery, compared to traditional procedures
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Future Trends

  • Innovative surgical and non-surgical biologics treatment that merit consideration
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  • Biological enhancements of ligament healing
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Biologics Information

  • Printable information and instruction sheets for surgical and non-surgical care
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Cartilage Repair


Cell-based (formerly “stem cell”) therapy

  • Experimental studies in MSC/stem cell use in cartilage treatment
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News & Developments

Thoughts on the BEAR Knee ACL Implant

This novel procedure, still in the early stages of use and follow-up studies, holds great promise for younger, athletic patients. Several questions need to be answered before mainstream use, compared to the "gold standard" of ACL reconstruction.

Patella Cartilage Graft in a Young Athlete

Still symptomatic months after patellofemoral subluxation and arthroscopic debridement/Carticel autograft harvesting - Definitive re-surfacing and re-alignment in a young athlete: Matrix Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (MACI) surgical technique