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Kelly Cunningham, MD -  - Regenerative Medicine Specialist

Austin Ortho + Biologics

Kelly Cunningham, MD

Regenerative Medicine Specialist & Sports Medicine Specialist located in Austin, TX

Whether your arthritis is due to wear and tear from sports activities, degenerative changes related to aging, or the result of a complex disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, Dr. Kelly Cunningham can help. He leads the team at Austin Ortho + Biologics in Austin, Texas, and specializes in sports and regenerative/restorative sports medicine. And although he’s a gifted, board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Cunningham prefers to treat your arthritis symptoms with nonsurgical interventions whenever possible. Call today to schedule an appointment regarding effective arthritis treatment or book your visit online.


What is arthritis?

Arthritis means inflammation of the joints. This general term is used to describe more than 100 different types of arthritis which can occur in one joint or numerous joints at once in your body.

What causes arthritis?

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is often associated with aging. It occurs as normal use causes wear and tear over time that erodes the healthy cartilage and other structures in your joint. Cartilage protects the ends of the bones that meet in a joint and helps them to slide easily against one another during motion.

When cartilage is damaged, the bony surfaces of a joint aren’t able to move freely. This often results in pain and stiffness in the affected joint. Significant cartilage loss can cause bone to rub against bone, which can be quite debilitating.

Degenerative arthritis, such as osteoarthritis, most often affects people as they age. It can, however, occur in younger individuals who have a history of a joint infection or those who perform repetitive motions during work or sports activities that speed up the wear-and-tear process.

What is the treatment for arthritis?

Depending on the cause, location, and severity of your arthritis, Dr. Cunningham may recommend:

  • Lifestyle changes, such as weight loss, to take stress off your joints, exercise to strengthen the muscles supporting your joints, and a healthy diet that helps nourish your joint structures
  • Innovative therapy such as Cell-Based (formerly "Stem Cell") therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections to stimulate your body’s natural regenerative process and relieve pain for a prolonged period without surgery
  • Surgical treatment to relieve your pain and improve joint function