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Meniscus Root Suture Repair

After suture repair (augmented by PRP), the re-attached root is stable, hopefully, to restore some protective cushion with weight-bearing. The femur cartilage needs more clean-up...

Kelly Cunningham, MD

Austin OrthoBiologics "PRP" Celluar "Stem Cell" Therapy


Knee Cartilage Repair with BioCartilage® Technique


Acetabular Labral Repair-Hip

Distal Biceps Repair with Tension Slide


Shoulder Biceps Tenodesis with Arthrex® Button


Partial Meniscectomy


Varicel MACI Cartilage Graft

Meniscus Root Tear

After trimming & ablation "sculpting" of the medial meniscus rim, a root tear of the posterior horn is observed & probed to demonstrate instability.  Note the grade 3 cartilage changes of the overlying femur.

Kelly Cunningham, MD

Austin OrthoBiologics "PRP" Celluar "Stem Cell" Therapy

Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP)


iBalance® HTO

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Univers™ II

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iBalance® PFJ

SpeedCinch™ All Inside Meniscal Repair

Knotless Shoulder Labral Repair with Arthrex® PushLock®

Rotator Cuff Repair with SutureBridge™ Technique


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