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An Update on Cellular Therapy

Cellular Therapy Update

The orthopedic regenerative medicine treatment commonly referred to as Cellular Therapy  has evolved as more scientific study and clinical use has occurred.

Current knowledge of the action of these cells on joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments is one of a paracrine “signaling” function, attracting the patient’s own healing growth factors, multi-potent cells, macroglogulins and IRAP, fancy terms for blood-borne healing factors that are concentrated for long-term action at the site of injury.

It is still most commonly harvested/concentrated from a patient’s own bone marrow (or occasionally fat).

Thus, for complete transparency –

                                  Cellular Therapy  “Cell-Based”

                                  Bone Marrow Aspirate   BMC


Kelly Cunningham MD

Austin Ortho Biologics

PRP and Cellular Therapy Specialist

Board-certified Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Kelly Cunningham Physician

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