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Dr. Cunningham discusses safety in Summertime activities in Austin, Texas!

Summertime in Central Texas!!!

When it comes to summertime, everyone gets excited and either start exploring hike and bike trails or trying to find the closest source of water! Injuries can happen in a few seconds so here is a list of essentials that you should have in your First-Aid kit!
First-Aid Kit Essentials
What better time to stock a first-aid kit than at the start of the summer season, when many accidents occur. While you can't prevent all accidents, you can be prepared. Here is a list of helpful things to include:
Make sure to have fun, make memories and be safe!
Dr. Kelly Cunningham, a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon trained in Sports Medicine, is the area's leader in regenerative sports medicine, and skilled in the emerging science of stem cell, platelet plasma and other innovative treatment protocols.  
Dr. Cunningham is also Central Texas' only active member of the International Cartilage Research Society. 
Sports can be rough on joints and cartilage, especially shoulders, knees, and hips. Kelly Cunningham, MD, has cared for many young and mature athletes whose joints take a beating day in and day out. He welcomes patients from Austin, Texas, and its surrounding communities to experience the cutting-edge technology and skill offered by his team at Austin Ortho + Biologics.
Dr. Cunningham works with each athlete to develop an individual treatment plan that emphasizes the least invasive treatments possible with a goal of minimal recuperation and downtime. He combines rigorous standards and quality of care with experience and insight, integrating the best new techniques into the care of each patient.
Call today at 512.410.0767 for your one-on-one appointment!
Dr. Kelly Cunningham Physician

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