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Advanced Knee Meniscus Repair: Role of Biologics

More complex tear-types are reparable with advanced techniques augmented by biologics such as PRP.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/H57t0x8b-bM

Video #1

What appeared to be an irreparable posterior horn meniscus tear is actually treatable with partial resection (basket/shaver) of the avascular areas, followed by salvage of a substantial portion of the vascular (blood-tinged) horizontal tear component. This is a tear type that has only recently been deemed reparable by evolving arthroscopic techniques.

Video #2

After all-inside mattress suture/anchor placement, the repaired & stabilized posterior meniscus is augmented by autologous (patient's own) PRP injection - both in the repair site & in the joint. This should improve the healing potential of this difficult tear-type & help preserve knee cartilage function, lessening the risk of degeneration with time & activity.

The role of orthobiologics such as PRP (platelet rich plasma) and cell-based (formerly "stem cell") therapy is expanding to include novel surgical as well as office applications, all in an effort to improve the healing power of knee, shoulder & hip sports injuries.

Likewise, joint arthritis may often be treated in similar fashion, delaying or avoiding joint replacement.

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