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Title: An Unusual Knee Cartilage Graft "Complication"

This is a patient 18 months postoperative from a revision patella allograft resurfacing utilizing Arthrex Cartiform, BMC,& patellofemoral realignment.
As you can see, there is both soft tissue/retinacular and implant overgrowth, much like the "cauliflower lesion" occasionally seen with microfracture in years past. However, noticed the excellent coverage.
After debridement, this recurrent full- thickness patellar lesion has complete coverage, other than punctate bleeding (previous/countersunk fixation anchors?). The graft margins are evident, contiguous.
Prepared to revise with MACI, it was felt with this result and centralized tracking, no further treatment was necessary.

Surgical success requiring only debridement, a "clinical win" for the patient!

Dr. Kelly Cunningham; Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

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