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More: PRO ("Patient Report Outcomes") In OrthoBiologics

130+ consecutive Austin OrthoBiologics patient treatments (non-surgical) compared to a LARGE (10,000 case) U.S. database from DataBiologics:

Our patient-reported (PRO) pain relief results exceed those of the baseline by a significant margin!

Age ranges are similar. There are some differences in joint selection; ours are mostly knee, shoulder & hip, often mild to moderate arthritis symptoms.

We will continue to track our results beyond 12 months, as the trend to continued improvement in our patients seems steady...

This is an "overview" graph;  we will also look at:

     functional/activity level

     specific joints  (knee, shoulder, etc.) & treatment -- PRP vs. Cellular (formerly "stem cell") injections

     degree of arthritis by xray classification / joint

In future reports.

Thank you, DataBiologics.com, for the impressive platform to help generate these very important findings & outcomes data!

Kelly Cunningham MD            austinorthobio.com

Board-certified Orthopedic surgery, Fellowship-trained Sports medicine

Regenerative medicine specialist, surgical & non-surgical PRP and Cellular therapy  (also "stem cell", BMC, MSC)

Knee, hip & shoulder injuries, arthritis -- options other than replacement




Dr. Kelly Cunningham Physician

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