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Proximal ACL Tear Repair of the Knee, Utilizing Cellular Therapy ("Stem Cell")

A ski injury that tears the anterior cruciate ligament is often right off of the femur/notch, allowing direct repair (vs. full reconstruction w/ a graft). Shorter rehab, quicker recovery, and often re-inforced with the Artelon flexgraft.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/dAf7_lXoLV8

video #1    posterolateral ACL bundle tear, off the femoral origin. The anteromedial bundle remains mostly intact, maintaining length.

video #2   microfracture awls to the origin/attachment site, providing healing factors from the bone. Note how the ligament still "reaches" the femur after debridment “clean-up”...

video #3     "luggage tag" type suture anchor repair to the femur. This will then be augmented with "stem cell"; injected into both the ligament itself and, after portal suture closure, the knee joint. This construct can be re-inforced with a load-sharing device such as the Artelon Flexgraft, to aid in repair & healing strength.

The native ligament is saved & rehab time is faster vs. reconstruction. In that respect, it is similar to the BEAR ACL repair construct...


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