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Failed Knee Cartilage MicroFracture; Revision MACI Procedure

40 yr-old female athlete with large, missed (on MRI) MFC chondral lesion; initial microfracture (mfx), continued medial pain and loss of function after ACL surgery healed.  Cartilage biopsy sample sent for lab growth at initial surgery, as an alternative if mfx failed -


Video 1 - inadequate mfx fibrocartilage response, wt-bearing medial chondral surface

Still  - debrided/MACI graft in place, fibrin glue

Video 2 - stable ROM of MACI graft

Query - how many surgeons would have preferred "2nd surgery" MACI as initial treatment, as opposed to waiting on mfx failure, as most insurance plans currently "require"??

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