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  • Regenerative Sports Medicine : A Definition Revisited

    Regenerative sports medicine is restoring joint function by harnessing the natural healing processes. Controlling pain and restoring normal activity levels

    Read More | 10 Jan 2018
  • Joint Injections Compared: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) & Stem Cell vs. Viscosupplementation

    Joint Injection Options Tired of living with knee pain? Confused about which joint injection treatment will wor

    Read More | 20 Mar 2017
  • Breaking News: Surgery using Stem Cells

    Dr. Cunningham will be participating in a multicenter U.S. trial on a “single stage” repair technique of cartilage repair, using a patient’s own stem cells

    Read More | 13 Jun 2017
  • Stem Cell and Platelet Plasma Injections: Ask the Doc

    Patients will often ask me these two questions about biologic stem cell and platelet plasma therapy. I have diabetes, and steroid injections can raise m

    Read More | 27 Feb 2017
  • Knee Pain? Steroids Are Not The Bee’s Knees

    As long suspected, this well-designed study concludes that treatment of joint pain from arthritis with steroid injections is not only ineffective (beyond the short-ter

    Read More | 16 Jul 2017
  • Knee Replacement alternative relieves pain, retains mobility

    This is an excellent and comprehensive article on nonsurgical & surgical options for knee arthritis. (I am trained in and perform many cartilage restorat

    Read More | 21 May 2017
  • What I Wish I’d Known About My Knees

    By JANE E. BRODY JULY 3, 2017 This is a very revealing article about the difficulty in treating joint arthritis without replacement. All true with respect to limited

    Read More | 05 Jul 2017
  • Garret Richards & Stem Cell Therapy | MLB Baseball

    Stem Cell Sports Medicine