• Austin, Texas:

    Dr. Kelly Cunningham is your expert for stem cell therapy and sports medicine.

  • Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

    Taking care of Texas with Sports and Regenerative Medicine.

  • Pain Relief

    Shoulder Injury? Austin's Ortho Biologics specialist offers surgical and non-surgical treatments designed around you.

  • Regenerative Medicine

    Restore your quality of life through stem cell and platelet rich plasma therapy of the knee, shoulder, elbow or ankle.

  • Advanced Cartilage Care:

    Knee Cartilage and Ligament Repair Strategies to get you back in the game faster.

  • Kelly Cunningham, MD

    Surgical & Non-Surgical
    joint and cartilage care and repair.

  • Patient Shares Story

    Dr. Cunningham exploring how prp and stem cell treatment can alleviate joint pain and arthritis symptoms without surgery.

  • KVUE News

    Dr. Kelly Cunningham on KVUE News Austin explaining Regenerative Medicine and healing of joint cartilage and tissue.

  • Cell Therapy

    One Stem Cell Treatment often allows you to return to activities more comfortably in a matter of weeks.


Dr. Kelly Cunningham, a board certified orthopedic surgeon, is Austin’s stem cell therapy,  joint & cartilage restoration expert, utilizing the latest non-surgical and surgical technology for athletes of all ages and abilities.

Meet Dr. Cunningham

*Dr. Cunningham is no longer associated with Austin Sports Medicine LLP

What is Ortho + Biologics?

How does it help my recovery from injury?

For decades, the limited capability of highly specialized cartilage to heal properly after injury has plagued the recovery of athletes of all ages and abilities. Diminished performances and even arthritis has often been the result. Ortho + Biologics is the emerging science of applying the Biology of enhanced native healing of joint cartilage and tissue to the field of Orthopedic Sports Medicine.

Kelly Cunningham, MD

  • Orthopedic sports medicine, fellowship trained with Richard Steadman, MD, in Vail, Colorado.
  • Highly specialized in the latest treatment techniques in the rapidly-changing field of sports medicine, including a wealth of knowledge and experience in the evolving area of Ortho + Biologics.
  • Extensive practice experience, including the Dallas Cowboys and the US Olympic Ski team.

News & Developments

  • Regenerative Sports Medicine : A Definition Revisited

    Regenerative sports medicine is restoring joint function by harnessing the natural healing processes. Controlling pain and restoring normal activity levels in active people is the key to this restoration. The great advantage of OrthoBiologics is the re-consideration of  non-surgical modalities as a first-line treatment in joint and cartilage care.

    Read More | 10 Jan 2018
  • The Top 3 Snow Skiing Stretches

    Snow skiing stretching exercises to improve your performance and do away with snow skiing injuries for good.

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