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Dr. Kelly Cunningham and 2018 TOBI

Dr. Kelly Cunningham, founder of Austin Ortho Biologics, recently attended TOBI- The Ortho Biologic Institute; an international three-day symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Renowned researchers and clinicians presented evolving studies and treatment for Cartilage, bone and joint diseases, emphasizing stem cell and platelet plasma protocols.

The future is bright for regenerative medicine. Dr. Cunningham is the Central Texas leader in regenerative sports medicine, utilizing both office and surgical based treatments for Diseases of the Musculoskeletal system. Below nis TOBI's mission, vision and initiaties that Dr. Cunningham follows and believes. 

Our Mission

The Orthobiologic Institute was founded to share best practices in biologics research and orthopedic applications. TOBI promotes a high-quality, standardized approach to biologic treatments, to advance the field, and gain recognition as viable, effective treatment.


Global field leaders share expertise and support physicians to deliver biologics at the highest standards practicing evidence-based medicine.
  • Physicians collaborate, build community with shared cases, protocols, results, and dialogue.

  • Patient Registry to track clinical protocols, patient outcomes, create a library of data, and publish research.

  • Physicians, researchers, educators, industry, and military collaborate to promote best practices and make training and data accessible and affordable.


TOBI Annual Events fulfill our mission and advance our vision with the following features:
  • Symposiums convene field leaders, clinicians and scientists to share the latest research and best practices.

  • Workshop intensives provide the basic science and techniques to implement biologic treatments in practice.

  • Cadaver Labs provide hands-on experience with biologic treatments, taught by field experts.

  • Online streaming and recorded videos make information accessible and affordable to the physicians around the globe.

  • Research Poster Exhibits share new data from researchers around the world, prior to publication.

  • Volunteer opportunities provide students opportunities to learn from and network with field leaders.

  • Patient Registry to track clinical protocols, patient outcomes, create a library of data, and publish research.

TOBI is partnering with Regenerative Orthobiologics Registry (ROR), a new non-profit founded by Dr. Steven Sampson and Dr. Gregory Lutz, to launch the first orthogiologics-specific patient registry at TOBI 2017.

TOBI supports charities like Warrior2Warrior that advocates for prevention programs and raising awareness in the community, and The Arthritis Foundation that funds research grants on cartilage regeneration and arthritis.

TOBI Founder, Dr. Steven Sampson, briefed US Congress on Capitol Hill alongside the Arthritis Foundation, American College of Rheumatology and American Osteopathic Association, veterans’ organizations and service members, to spotlight arthritis in the military and call on Congress to dedicate $20 million to Department of Defense arthritis research program that focuses on the disease and ways to mitigate its effects. Arthritis research that helps our military and veteran populations will ultimately benefit everyone with arthritis.

TOBI supports United States military with registration grants to attend TOBI and educate military physicians and decision makers about biologic treatments, best practices, viability, and efficacy to address the physical demands and resulting injuries of our wounded warriors.

TOBI works with key opinion leaders and patients, like Captain Tom Chaby (US Navy SEAL, retired), to advance orthobiologics in the military with programs like Coalition of the Willing and Warrior2Warrior.


*The above information is from the www.TOBI.com website and all credits can be found on the site. 


Dr. Kelly Cunningham Physician

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