What You Can Do About Shoulder pain Right Now


Golfer experiencingshoulder pain in Austin, TX.

Dr. Kelly Cunningham can help you with your golf shoulder.

Golfers rely heavily on their shoulders in their golf swing. If you spend more time outside this fall by picking up your golfing game, then you will increase the use of this motion that is not natural for the body. This overuse of the shoulder as well as improper technique puts golfers at risk for developing an injury.

The symptoms of golf shoulder injuries to watch out for include: intense pain in your shoulder during the golf swings, pain at rest, and pain at night.

Repetitive exercises can exact a toll on even the most fit and enthusiastic athlete over the years. This overuse can lead to a shoulder injury, with painful cartilage damage as a result, robbing you from enjoying your golfing game.

The most common golf shoulder injuries include overuse and arthritis. The pain from both of these injuries typically develops in the acromioclavicular joint, or AC joint and in the rotator cuff. The more you golf, the more the joints and muscles break down. Often times this pain becomes unbearable, and you may have even discussed joint replacement. Fortunately, there are new and evolving alternatives to surgery that will allow you to continue golfing and an active lifestyle, comfortably, with less pain.

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If you are diagnosed with a shoulder injury, Dr. Kelly Cunningham can provide several innovative treatment pathways to restore cartilage health and function, decrease pain, and promote healing. Shoulder injuries are among the most common orthopedic problems that he evaluates.

Essentially, Dr. Kelly Cunningham will relieve pain and decrease inflammation, through restoring your cartilage, and most importantly, not allowing a major surgery to disrupt your golfing game.

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