Is swimmer’s shoulder causing pain during or after your swim training?

During the summer months, athletes often decide to escape the heat and swim more than they normally would. As a result, your body might not handle the overuse of your shoulders, causing your muscles and tendons to become fatigued. Swimmer’s shoulder is often referred to as impingement syndrome because the tissues within your shoulder become chronically irritated from the repetition.

Swimmer experiencing pain due to swimmer's shoulder in Austin, TX.

Dr. Kelly Cunningham can help with your swimmer’s shoulder pain.

The symptoms to watch out for include: pain when swimming, especially performing freestyle and backstroke; pain when resting on the shoulder; and, when the swimmer’s shoulder is most severe, pain when touching the area.

The majority of the time, swimmer’s shoulder heals by resting the shoulder, icing the area, stretching, and rehabilitation to get the shoulder muscles stronger. You will also need to work on correcting your swimming form to prevent this injury from reoccurring.

However, a surgical procedure may be required if you continue to have pain, swelling, and stiffness You may have developed an acute or chronic injury, with painful cartilage damage as a result, robbing you of the enjoyment of swimming and an active lifestyle.


In order to get you back to training as fast as possible, and most importantly without pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kelly Cunningham at Austin Sports Medicine.

If you are diagnosed with a chronic swimmer’s shoulder, Dr. Kelly Cunningham can provide several innovative treatment pathways to restore cartilage health and function, decrease pain, and promote healing. Shoulder injuries are among the most common orthopedic problems that he evaluates. He knows how to get you back in the pool stronger, so that you can train and perform better than before.

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