Breaking News: Surgery using Stem Cells

Cartilage Repair Surgery using Stem Cells:

Dr. Cunningham will be participating in a multicenter U.S. trial on a “single stage” repair technique of cartilage repair, using a patient’s own stem cells to stimulate cartilage regrowth and repair

Stem Cell Breakthrough

By now, our blog followers have seen the rapid development of  Orthoboiologics and Regenerative Sports Medicine documented in this space.

Stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma treatment have ever-increasing orthopedic medicine applications; not the least of which is for non-surgical injection use in joint pain and arthritis.

It has also proved invaluable in the acute and chronic treatment of muscle and tendon injuries.

Dr. Cunningham and his team of professionals have helped many patients with these problems to return to a more healthy & active lifestyle.

Now, in 2017…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Stem cell therapy and PRP platelet-rich plasma are also finding increasing application in surgical treatment of joint cartilage injury, especially in younger, non-arthritic patients with isolated tears of articular cartilage.

True repair of  articular cartilage defects,  the resilient, durable covering that protects the bones in joints, has eluded researchers for decades.

For years, with very little change, ” hard cartilage” defects in the shoulder, ankle, hip and especially the knee were treated with either a clean-up (“chondroplasty”) procedure, a sort of “wait-and-see” approach;  or “microfracture”, a surgical drilling that tricks the underlying bone to produce scar cartilage.                                                                                                                                        Neither procedure has shown long-lasting success over the years, especially in active patients.

True Cartilage Repair Techniques

Breaking News

Now, thanks to breakthroughs of basic science and clinical studies in veterinary medicine and patient trials in Europe & Asia, true cartilage repairs techniques have emerged.


Dr. Kelly Cunningham of Austin Ortho+Biologics, having studied in Europe and attended international research conferences on cartilage injury & repair, hopes to bring this technology to Austin, Texas.

Since certain techniques are still under FDA investigation at this time, Dr. Cunningham will be participating in a multicenter U.S. trial on a “single stage” repair technique of cartilage repair, using a patient’s own stem cells to stimulate cartilage regrowth and repair. These cells are surgically implanted to capture and induce the true natural healing response of human joint tissue, a goal that has eluded researchers and surgeons for generations and has prematurely ended many a recreational or competitive athletic career…

While Dr. Cunningham has used biologic and cellular medicine as an injectable adjunct to surgery for years, this will allow progress on true healing of cartilage, not just “scar cartilage” formation, that seems to have a limited lifespan in the joint of patients.

In other words, a chance to evolve beyond surgical “microfracture” treatment to the production of type-specific joint cartilage —  that will lead to a durable, long-lasting repair, withstanding the test of time and a lifetime of athletic pursuits.

The “holy grail” is to allow young and middle-age athletes of all levels to participate well into their mature years, free of joint wear and degeneration!

More details to follow, as this exciting surgical study ramps up in the coming months…


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