Stem Cells have Powerful Healing Potential

A recent long-term study from France demonstrates the powerful healing potential of a patient’s own stem cells.

In a matched control study with patients undergoing surgical shoulder rotator cuff repair, those patients that had their own bone marrow – derived stem cells added to the repair site, healed better by one-third at six months than those treated with traditional surgical repair alone. In fact, all (100%) of the patients with added stem cells were healed by MRI at six months, compared to only two-thirds without the patient’s added biologic cells.

Perhaps as important, those patients also did better at 10 years after surgery: only 15% of the MSC-treated patients had re-torn, compared to almost half (45%) of the traditional (control) group.

This is an important and powerful study, the first to really show both short- and long-term improvement of a surgical procedure with the addition of regenerative medicine techniques.

Surgical methods for shoulder repair have improved greatly, but repeat cuff tears and the subsequent pain leading to a second surgery is a problem that continues to plague sports medicine, especially in mature athletes. Now, there appears to be an option to enhance a surgical repair using the principles of Ortho+Biologics and significantly reduce the chance of future surgery. This can help athletes to continue with their pursuits for many added years.

If interested, check out the in depth section of this website to view this and other groundbreaking studies that demonstrate the innovative sports medicine techniques utilizing orthobiologics that are offered by Dr. Kelly Cunningham.