Stem Cell and Platelet Plasma Injections: Ask the Doc

stem cell injections

Stem Cell InjectionsStem Cell and Platelet Plasma Injections: Ask the Doc…

Patients will often ask me these two questions about biologic stem cell and platelet plasma therapy.

I have diabetes, and steroid injections can raise my blood glucose levels.   Do stem cell injections do the same?

This can be a real problem for diabetics with joint pain, as steroids can spike blood sugar levels for several days, making regulation with the patient’s usual medications difficult.

Fortunately, stem cell & PRP treatments do not appear to affect your blood sugar or  insulin levels, in either Type I or Type II (adult) diabetes – another example of how biologic therapy may be a more natural answer for joint pain relief.

I have connective tissue disease/rheumatoid arthritis.  Will PRP or stem cell injections  help me with my joint pain?


Studies are ongoing in Europe and the US about the safety and effectiveness of biologic therapy in autoimmune disease.

Although there are some early results that indicate it might be quite helpful, Dr. Cunningham has taken a cautious approach, not wanting to potentially raise complement or antigen levels by concentrating products from a patients’ own blood, as it may add to the “self-reactivity” in these disease types.  Time will tell…


These and many other talking points, such as a previous blog discussing the natural antibiotic activity of cellular therapy injections, lend credibility to the safety and effectiveness of biologic stem cell and platelet PRP injections for mild to moderate joint arthritis, as opposed to surgery.

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