Regenerative Sports Medicine : A Definition Revisited

What exactly does "regenerative sports medicine" mean?

After reading several newspaper ads for local seminars to discuss PRP, stem cell and other forms of biologic treatment being offered by various providers in central Texas, I believe what was first stated at the origin of the  website in 2015 is just as true today about regenerative sports medicine!


Ortho + Biologics is:

  • A treatment aimed at restoring joint function by harnessing the natural healing processes of the body.
  • Best applied to the patient with a systematic, forward-thinking approach by an orthopedic musculoskeletal specialist, not just as pain management.
  • Though still in the early stages of development, progress in clinical applications has been and will be remarkable.

Ortho + Biologics is not:

  • A temporary fix or “cure-all” for joint pain and stiffness; restoration of long-term function must be the goal of treatment.
  • A way to fully regenerate worn-out joints in the mature athlete, at least not in its present form.
  • Routinely recognized by health insurance, especially the injections, and therefore not always reimbursed.












In other words, while regenerative sports medicine is an exciting and rapidly evolving specialty of biologic and cellular treatment of bone and joint injury

“Restorative Medicine”

perhaps best summarizes the current state-of-the-art.

Controlling pain and restoring normal activity levels in active people is the key to this restoration.

The great advantage of OrthoBiologics is the re-consideration of  non-surgical modalities as a first-line treatment in joint and cartilage care.


As a  board certified orthopedic surgeon with 25 years of practice of both surgical and non-surgical musculoskeletal care in Austin, Kelly Cunningham ,MD  offers the advantage of carefully crafted and time-tested strategies for treatment of your knee, shoulder or hip injury or arthritis.


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