PRP and Stem Cell Therapy for Joint & Arthritis pain or Cartilage Injury

PRP and stem cell therapy for joint & arthritis pain or cartilage injury

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
Injection for Sprains & Strains, Soft-Tissue Injuries

If you are suffering from sprain, strains, and soft tissue injuries, platelet rich plasma injection may your best treatment option. Recent scientific advances in the field of orthopedic biologics (orthobiologic “regenerative medicine”) have  uncovered the potential of a patient’s own healing power in the treatment of acute & chronic tissue injury. This can range from simple ankle or elbow sprains to chronic and recurrent hamstring or groin pulls, tennis or “Tommy John” ligament elbow, thrower/swimmer’s shoulder or even runner’s knee. While safely used for years in Europe, strong evidence now exists that your own (“autologous”) growth factors can provide powerful and long-lasting relief from mild-to-moderate injury after direct injection into the affected site. This is the basis for the office-based platelet rich plasma injection, a welcome alternative to join pain, allowing an athlete of any age or ability to participate more quickly and fully in the sports and activities they enjoy.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) from your own blood helps initiate the natural healing process via seven or more specific growth factors and presents a “biologic scaffold” for healing.

This tissue infusion delivers a powerful anti-inflammatory and recovery signal, often substantially relieving pain and improving function. It may also act as a magnet for the body’s own healing stem cells.

There are many different preparations of platelet rich plasma to choose from. The preparation we have chosen is based on extensive experimental study and several years of clinical use in recreational and even professional athletes, exhibiting a strong record of success in relieving pain and promoting repair. With just one or two injections, pain relief is often profound and long lasting (9 months or more).

While the process is FDA-approved, platelet therapy is not covered by most insurance plans. Flex and Health Savings Accounts qualify for use with this and stem cell therapy, however.

As with all new and innovative techniques, further study is ongoing, but there seems to be very little risk or side effects, especially compared to steroid injections that may relieve pain short-term but can weaken healing tissues & are not a product of your own body like PRP. This safe treatment often translates into a quicker, more complete return to sport and activity.

Feel free to review these issues with and ask any questions of Dr. Kelly Cunningham and the staff at  Austin Ortho+Biologics  about platelet rich plasma injection prior to deciding on a treatment for your soft-tissue injury, as well as the indications for PRP and stem cell therapy for joint & arthritis pain or cartilage injury.

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