PRP and Stem Cell Treatment FAQs

PRP and Stem Cell Treatment Facts

PRP and Stem Cell TherapyIs prp or stem cell treatment right for me? 

At Austin Ortho+Biologics, we spend the face-to-face time with our patients necessary to determine if your sports medicine problem is a candidate for platelet or stem cell therapy. As a result, rarely do we recommend trying biologics –as a first-line treatment, without consideration of other alternatives (often tried and failed before we see you),  or

without recommending that the patient study the “in depth” website to ensure a comfort level with the procedure and cost.

This is a rapidly evolving specialty; new indications based on sound clinical principles and research are presenting themselves literally every few months. It is our job and ethical responsibility to help you decide which of the many (non-surgical & surgical) choices are best for your unique clinical situation…

I know I have arthritis. Is  prp or stem cell treatment an alternative to knee replacement?

Mild to moderate arthritis of joints such as the knee, shoulder, ankle and hip have generally responded well to biologic injections/treatment. The key seems to be the severity of the involvement, degree of symptoms with activity, and the presence or absence of “mechanical symptoms”; catching, locking or other range of motion issues with the joint.

It is important to remember that OrthoBiologics, at least in its present form, will not cure arthritis, but rather control symptoms to allow better daily activities and living.

Is my arthritis too advanced to consider prp and stem cell treatment injection?

This certainly can occur; only a clinical examination and current weight-bearing xrays can shed light on whether joint replacement might be the better option. However, many patients with diagnosed “end-stage” arthitis have received significant palliative (often lengthy) pain relief from biologics.

The length of time of symptom relief is the crucial factor.

In almost all cases where biologic injection is  successful in decreasing pain, it will last significantly longer than steroid or HA (viscosupplementation).

I have a torn meniscus in my knee. Can a prp or stem cell treatment injection help me avoid surgery?

More and more clinical  evidence points to consideration of non-surgical options for torn knee, shoulder and hip cartilage (meniscus and labrum, respectively) in the absence of mechanical symptoms. This seems to be especially true when the affected joint displays the early arthritis often seen in a life-long recreational athlete.

Will prp and stem cell treatment help heal tendonitis?

Some of the very best clinical studies of biologics and cellular medicine involve tennis elbow, chr0nic hamstring injury and Achilles tendonitis. The PRP growth factors seem to support healing and decrease recurrence of overuse tendonitis symptoms better than  traditional steroid injection.   Physical therapy is an integral component of the muscle and tendon healing process as well.


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