Kelly Cunningham, MD, Attends European Cartilage Conference, Visits Biologic Research Institute

In September, 2015, Dr. Kelly Cunningham of Austin Ortho+Biologics traveled to Zurich, Switzerland, to attend the International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS) Conference, “Rehabilitation of Cartilage Injuries and Surgery in Sport”. Noted researchers, surgeons, and physical therapists from Europe, the United States and the Far East presented the latest innovations in cartilage repair rehabilitation to a group of over 100 members of the ICRS, including Dr. Cunningham and one of his therapy colleagues from Austin.

Many of the applicable rehab techniques from the European community will be introduced to Austin sports injury patients in the coming months in exciting and innovative ways, according to Katie Gwyn of Mondo Sports PT, in collaboration with the Dr. Cunningham and the cartilage care/sports medicine specialists at Austin Ortho+Biologics.

Following the conference, Kelly Cunningham MD, traveled to Bologna, Italy, to visit the famed Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute, home of some of the longest-standing and vital cellular medicine research in the scientific world. Dr. Elisaveta Kon & Prof. E. Marcacci, orthopaedic surgeons and renowned platelet-rich plasma/BMA stem cell researchers for the past 15 years, presented their latest findings and demonstrated state-of-the-art cartilage surgical techniques that hold great promise in the field of biologics, tissue regeneration, arthritis treatment (without joint replacement) and cartilage restoration.

The food wasn’t bad either…

Next month — more FAQ’s on orthobiologic treatments of the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

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