Dr Kelly Cunningham Attends 13th Annual ICRS Meeting, addressing Surgical Stem Cell Use , Joint Cartilage Repair and Restoration, Regenerative Sports Medicine

Due to a different regulatory environment and years of progressive research, Western Europe has emerged as a worldwide leader in joint cartilage repair and restoration technology and innovation.

For the second year, Kelly Cunningham, MD, of Austin Ortho+Biologics,  traveled overseas to benefit from such an exceptional opportunity to interact and compare his US and Austin, Texas, experience in regenerative joint and sports medicine.

Over 1100 orthopedic surgeons, PhD researchers and product development scientists from around the word assembled for five days in Sorrento, Italy, for the annual International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS) World Congress.

The ICRS defines it role as

To provide continuing education and training to physicians and scientists with an active interest in the prevention and treatment of joint disease. 

To improve patient care through regenerative medicine approaches.

To promote the exchange of ideas and information to further define the role, direction and goals of biological reconstruction as a specialty within Orthopaedics

  • To foster integration of basic and clinical science
  • To facilitate the translation of that science to healthcare and clinical practice
  • To promote high standards in the practice of biologic joint reconstruction and its rehabilitation…”          


Dr. Kelly Cunningham is proud to be an active member of ICRS, one of only a few orthopedic surgeons in Texas with this qualification.

This collaborative meeting supported Dr. Cunningham’s current modes of cartilage and joint treatment; namely,

Stem Cell / Cell Therapy

PRP / platelet therapy

modern techniques of joint repair, restoration

regenerative sports medicine


This makes him uniquely qualified  to provide both non-surgical/office-based and surgical treatment

acute/chronic joint cartilage & ligament injury, tears and degeneration

of the knee, shoulder, hip, elbow and ankle


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