Orthobiologics Austin and Medical Savings Accounts

Can I use my Flexible Spending (FSA) or Health Savings (HSA) Accounts to take advantage of the benefits of biologic and cartilage restoration treatment?

Absolutely.  Don’t let 2015 Flex /Medical Savings Account benefits expire un-used at the end of the year.

Both non-surgical/office and surgical treatments for early arthritis and joint pain qualify; stem cell and platelet-rich plasma injection (PRP) therapy are available through Dr. Kelly Cunningham’s practice in Austin.

Many Health Savings Accounts do not expire at the end of 2015; the savings accrue and can be used for qualified medical expenses at any time.

Perhaps this is the time to consider alternatives to joint replacement surgery and sports medicine care and check out the benefits of regenerative medicine in Austin, such as those offered by

Austin Ortho+Biologics

Kelly Cunningham MD