Austin Ortho+Biologics

Austin Ortho Biologics

After 25 years Dr Kelly Cunningham has branched out and added new Biologics services for his patients.

In addition to traditional sports medicine care of joint pain &  injuries of the knee, shoulder and hip, He is excited to add cutting-edge biologic treatments and cellular medicine to my repertoire.

Biologics is the use of your own cells and healing powers to improve recovery from injury and delay or prevent the need for arthritic joint replacement and surgery. This involves the use of PRP (platelet rich plasma) and stem cells with non-surgical, non-invasive injection therapy.

He has spent the past several years thoroughly researching this area, and  he is proud to be the founder and developer of Austin Ortho+Biologics.
For more information, visit and read about the new field of regenerative sports medicine in Austin.